Re-Energized Spray: Get a Quick “Pick Me Up” Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re constantly struggling with fatigue, low energy or have trouble concentrating… it’s often due to a lack of Vitamin B12.
Vitamin B12 deficiency is common.

Your food just doesn’t have as much B12 as necessary. And your body is missing many of the tools it uses to absorb and transport B12.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for hundreds of critical functions your body takes care of every day. Even a slight deficiency and you’ll feel it.

That’s why Re-Energized was created. It’s a super-charged spray that gives you an immediate boost of B12, along with a powerful trio of natural energy enhancers, including…

  • Green Tree Extract to give you energy without the coffee jitters…
  • Ginseng to stimulate brain cells and improve concentration and thinking…
  • Shisandra Chinensis to restore full-body energy and support concentration, memory and alertness.

Re-Energized Spray uses a breakthrough delivery technology that makes its powerful nutrients highly absorbable. You’ll the effects feel as soon as the cool spearmint mist hits the back of your throat, including…

  • Immediate energy;
  • Better concentration and mental focus;
  • Reduced stress and irritability;
  • Clear thinking

Re-Energized Spray is a “Portable Booster”

Re-Energized Spray comes as a tiny cylinder with a spray nozzle. It looks just like a breath freshener. It means you get a strong and safe dose of B12 — with 100% power.

Open your mouth and push the button on top of the bottle. Spray the B12 and other nutrients directly under your tongue, where you then swallow it for super-fast absorption. Repeat five times for a full dose.

Why spraying instead of swallowing pills or injections? Because many nutrients are hardly absorbed, especially Vitamin B12, while a lot of these nutrients simply passes through your digestive system. This is not good at all.

After spraying directly into your mouth, within a few minutes, you can feel more awake… more energized… and more alert — ready to face the challenges of your demanding day thanks to the B12 and other natural energy-boosters. Re-Energized can give you the elevated alertness and energy levels produced by coffee or an energy drink without the edginess of caffeine.

You can also forget any hassle for painful needles. With Re-Energized Spray you can keep your vitamin B12 at peak levels — and maintain that youthful energy you deserve in your life.

The Top Nine Reasons to Use Re-Energized Today

  1. The non-stop energy you need to live the life you want to lead. You can feel more awake and energetic within minutes of spraying this cool, refreshing, vitamin-packed mist under your tounge and swallowing it.
  2. The perfect dosage of B12 and the right form of B12 plus the right combination of B vitamins.
  3. Safe, non-addictive, and no known side effects.
  4. Created to eliminate “brain fog” so it can sharpen your mind for clearer thinking.
  5. All-natural approach… ABSOLUTELY NO caffeine, chemicals, artificial stimulants, or costly prescription medications.
  6. Fuels your body’s engine. That’s because the B12 in Re-Energized quickly converts carbohydrates into glucose — which fuels the energy production in your body.
  7. Big for heart health… Because the B12 in Re-Energized helps with the healthy digestion of food — key for energy production, even for the heart.
  8. Get radiant and healthier-looking skin… and even healthier skin, hair and nails. That’s because B12 helps in cell reproduction and the renewal of skin.
  9. Save HUNDREDS every month because you don’t have to buy all the “brain boosting” and “energy boosting” ingredients separately.

But most importantly…

It’s pretty much easy for any doctor to say to a patient: “it’s time to get moving and it’s time to exercise.”

But it’s a lot harder for patients to get started… to get that spark.

So here’s a huge benefit of Re-Energized

Re-Energized gives you the energy to start moving… to start exercising… to start living the life you want to lead… all with youthful vitality.